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What would a game look like when you mix dark souls, megaman and castlevania into one, local 2player, crushing difficulty and some extra low budget.  

I hereby call this new genre/monstrosity - MegaDarkActionRpgPixelfreeVania or short: Clunky Souls.

It's a classic throwback to good ol' videogames. Like in dark souls fashion, you roll, and roll and then slash some monsters. You play as the bearded king and gain experience and gold by smashing the hell out of monsters to encounter in the end of evey level some unique boss which gives you access to one special ability.

The clunky souls world is rich with diverse and nuanced plot twists. There is more then the red, blue and green ending. Easter eggs are included but hard to find. And well, some troll endings...

Yupp, you can play it together on one screen. You can do it both with joypads or keyboard or a mix of those to. Both players are diffrent though.


I messed up here... at the very startscreen keyboard x for action (that is the "any key"), but if you use the gamepad, well forget that :) 

Keyboard or xBox gamepad (others gamepads not confirmed, but should work aswell)

Button assignment:
- Movement: Keyboard left,right, up, down or gamepad Thumb left
- Jump:     Keyboard c or gamepad A
- Attack:   Keyboard v or gamepad X
- Shield:    Keyboard b or gamepad B
- Special:  Keyboard y or gamepad Y
- Roll:        Keyboard f/g or gamepad  second shoulder buttons (lb2, rb2)

- Menue: Keyboard p or gamepad start
- Quit game: Keyboard escape or gamepad select
- Instant fullscreen:  keyboard space

Game creation

This game was made in 3 weeks and is an example how you can code and create a decend action platformer with gamemaker studio without much experience or years of training. If you are interested in being an indie developer and you need some extra input, feel free to go to my youtube channel where I show how it is done for absolute beginners.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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