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Here you will find a work in progress (Update: series ended!) engine which I show in my youtube channel.

What will you get? 
- A Hotlime Miami project/engine made in GameMaker Studio 2.3+
- All the assets show in the video(s) (besides the big tileset, can't share that sorry)
- Basically a working game (with freely usable images!) with some moderinzations and a video documention how to build everything in GameMaker Studio 2.3+ from scratch (youtube videos)

This series has ended on video number 31 and I updated/added a few quality features into the project to version V32. This project is from now on offically in maintenance mode and will not get any additional feature or video tutorials.
The prices will be stable for this year and the first quarter of the next year. Then it will be updated to a slightly higher price.

What is already finished (V 32.0):
- a neat looking titlescreen like you see in Hotline Miami
- a weapon cycle system ( pistol, smg, uzi, mg, aka, shotgun )
- camera 2d zoom (not inwards or outward zoom!)
- mouse and keyboard movement
- the iconic magic color background
- player and weapon collision
- gamepad controls
- enemy ai (idle, check out, go back, attack)
- enemy path finding (auto grid system)
- enemies drop and shoot with weapons
- enemy animation through states
- hit effect, muzzle effect
- enemy death sprite
- weapon throwing
- easy to use (and expand) tileset for level creation
- fully useable graphics (updated, read copyright), even commercially
-  debug mode to check out the logic
- rotating/swinning doors
- enemy ai emote system to see what the ai is doing
- free bloom shader on top (because why not)
-  ...and much more (see those bazallion videos I made for this project)

"P" to get out of the fullscreen, and end game
"space" to toggle ingame debug mode off/on

          W,A,S,D: Movement
          left mouse button: shoot
          right mouse button: throw/pickup weapon
          left shift: toggle extra camera


Buy Now$4.25 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.25 USD. You will get access to the following files:

#1- TileSceen -Sprites + Font.zip 564 kB
#3 - Animations,weapons.zip 480 kB
Hotline Clone GMS2 Project V 33.zip 2 MB

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