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Here you will find a work in progress engine which I show in my youtube channel.

The idea is to udate this project (every time I do a new video) plus the sprites, so if you get it now or later doesn't really matter, because you will always get access to the newest iteration. The only thing I will change, is to ramp up the price a bit because this engine + sprite pack will get much bigger.

What will you get? 
- A Hotlime Miami project/engine made in GameMaker Studio 2.3+
- All the assets show in the video(s) (besides the big tileset, can't share that sorry)
- Basically a working game (with freely usable images!) with some moderinzations and a video documention how to build everything in GameMaker Studio 2.3+ from scratch (youtube videos)

What is already finished (V 5.0):
- A neat looking titlescreen like you see in Hotline Miami
- A weapon cycle system ( pistol, smg, uzi, mg, aka, shotgun )
- Camera 2d zoom (not inwards or outward zoom!)
- Mouse and keyboard movement
- The iconic magic color background
- player and weapon collision
- gamepad controls

Note: Press "P" to get out of the fullscreen, and end game

          W,A,S,D: Movement
          left mouse button: shoot
          right mouse button: throw/pickup weapon
          left shift: toggle extra camera


Buy Now$4.25 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.25 USD. You will get access to the following files:

#1- TileSceen -Sprites + Font.zip 564 kB
#3 - Animations,weapons.zip 480 kB
Hotline Clone GMS2 Project V 5.0.zip 2 MB

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